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Inside DoD

Volume 4, No. 3
Fall 2008

  • Army Aviation and Missile Command Creates a Team to Fight Corrosion
    Faced with a yearly cost of $1.6 billion on corrosion maintenance, the Army has formed a special team to address corrosion throughout its Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM). (Read More...)

  • DoD Awards New Funding for Training
    The Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office has offered funding through 2010 to technical associations that offer training to DoD personnel. Read about the variety of course opportunities in corrosion control for DoD and industry employees.(Read More...)

  • Matzdorf Lauded as a Top Navy Engineer
    A senior engineer from the materials engineering division of NAVAIR has been distinguished as one of the Navyís top researchers. Acting Assistant Navy Secretary John S. Thackrah recently recognized 46 top scientists and engineers. (Read More...)

  • The History Channel Airs Program on Corrosion
    A recent TV episode chronicles how corrosion affects Navy and other DoD platforms in a lively presentation. Read further to learn more about the program, which aired on The History Channelís Modern Marvels.(Read More...)

  • Visit the CorrDefense Web Site
    One year ago officials relocated the DoD Web site dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. Here is background on the new site, found at www.CorrDefense.org, sponsored by the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office.(Read More...)

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