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Featured Projects

Volume 4, No. 3
Fall 2008

  • New Coatings Provide Protection of Cold War-Era Aircraft into Mid-21st Century
    As B-52 aircraft operators began using a safer jet fuel, the Air Force determined that high concentrations of a specific additive caused the topcoat inside the fuel tank to peel and ultimately fail. Read Brett Ingold’s discussion of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s effort to develop a fuel tank coating that is resistant to the additive’s adverse qualities.(Read More...)

  • Upgraded B-52 is Still on the Cutting Edge
    In operation for more than half a century, the B-52 was first deployed in 1955. Learn about the host of advancements that this aircraft has undergone, such as the new targeting pod used for reconnaissance and the addition of a laser designator for precise delivery of laser-guided munitions. (Read More...)

  • Keeping The Patriot Vigilant
    The Army’s most advanced air defense system is known as the Patriot Missile System. The Patriot is vulnerable to corrosion caused by the harsh salt-laden environments in which it typically operates. Matthew Veazey reviews a unique problem involving cables connected to the radar set and an innovative solution developed by the Army Aviation and Missile Command and the Naval Air Systems Command. (Read More...)

  • The Patriot Counters Missiles During Operation Iraqi Freedom
    The Patriot Missile System is an air defense system designed to defeat MiG jet fighters and tactical ballistic missiles. Learn more about the system’s many features and how it was successfully deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. (Read More...)

  • Navy Turns To The Sun to Protect Pipelines at Guantanamo Bay
    Faced with a cathodic protection (CP) system that did not function properly at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval station, the Navy invented a solution to protect vital fuel and water pipelines. In this article Matthew Veazey explains why the Navy opted to install a solar-powered CP system instead of a more traditional impressed current system. (Read More...)

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