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Pigging the Diesel Pipeline between the Landmark
Red Hill Facility and Pearl Harbor

Red Hill Underground Storage Facility

The 32-inch, 18-inch, and 16-inch fuel lines inside the harbor tunnel near the underground pump house carry fuel down the 3.5-mile harbor tunnel from the Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility to Pearl Harbor. Photo courtesy of 14th Naval District, Pearl Harbor.

Navy uses ultrasonic ‘smart pig’ technology
to evaluate integrity of 62-year-old fuel line

By Cynthia Greenwood

Years before the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor fleet in 1941, the U.S. Navy recognized that the aboveground fuel storage tanks near the harbor were a vulnerable enemy target. Searching for a way to replace them, the Navy devised a plan to create an underground fuel storage facility that would serve as an invisible lifeline for battleships during World War II.

The Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility is considered a modern engineering marvel. It is hidden several hundred feet below Red Hill, a mountain of volcanic rock located 7.5 miles north of Honolulu between the Moanalua and Halawa valleys. Built between 1940 and 1943, the facility is made up of 20 huge, capsule-shaped tanks situated vertically underground. To construct the complex, the Navy used advanced mining techniques and employed thousands of laborers to carve out the tank farm’s intricate series of shafts, domes, and tunnels out of the volcanic rock.

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Halvorsen Loader Proves Reliable for Aircrews
that Support Troops

Cargo Loaders in Desert Undergo Corrosion Testing

The Halvorsen Cargo Loader

The Halvorsen Cargo Loader, preparing for a storage experiment. Photo courtesy of the Air Force Tunner/Halvorsen Systems Squadron.

By Cynthia Greenwood

Next to Balad Airbase in Iraq, Charleston Air Force Base (AFB) is the busiest cargo hub in the Air Force. Billed as the FedEx for U.S. Army and Marine troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 437th Aerial Port Squadron at Charleston AFB loads and transports 300 tons of cargo daily.

“We send the soldiers anything from Juicy Fruit gum to marine transport vehicles, and everything in between, like AC units, gym equipment, camel backs (for drinking water), and things to do with making a soldier’s life better,” said Lt. William Minor, who leads Combat Readiness and Resources Flight for the squadron.

“The huge key for the troops is the add-on armor that you see on all Humvees,” Lt. Minor said. “That’s saving lives every day.”

“Between January 1 and August 26, Charleston Air Force Base has moved more than 72,500 tons of cargo and logged 9,981 departures,” said Lt. Bryan Lewis, Chief of Media Relations for the 437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office. To keep up its relentless pace in supporting troops overseas, the Air Force relies on a mechanical beast of burden that rarely sees the limelight. The Halvorsen cargo loader is small, weights 25,000 pounds, and can reach the cargo doors of military and commercial aircraft.

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New Under Secretary of Defense Named

Krieg Managing DoD Office of Corrosion Policy and Oversight

Table of Contents

Volume 1, Number 1
October 2005

Top Stories

Halvorsen Loader Proves Reliable for Aircrews that Support Troops

Cargo Loader Named After World War II Candy Bomber

Meet the Players Leading the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Initiative

Welcome to CorrDefense: A Letter from Neil G. Thompson, President of NACE International

Project News

Antenna Gaskets and Floorboard Tapes Lower Price of Aircraft Maintenance

Clear Water Rinse System Improves Aircrew Safety and Lowers DoD Costs

Navy Uses Rapid-Cure Coatings to Preserve Amphibious Ship Well-Decks

Robins Air Force Base Upgrades SCADA System to Remotely Monitor Underground Corrosion

Technology News

Army’s “Fury” Tank Inspection System Ensures Accurate, Cost-Effective Assessment

Office of Naval Research Funds Diamond Coating Science

Other Corrosion News

Corrosion Costs and Maintenance Strategies—A Civil/Industrial and Government Partnership

Bolling Air Force Base Partners with NACE to Host first CP 1 Course

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