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CorrDefense is a tri-annual publication of the Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office and NACE International.

CorrDefense Editorial Staff

Daniel J. Dunmire
Executive Director

Gretchen Jacobson
Executive Editor

Cynthia Greenwood
Editor At Large

Ben Craig
Contributing Editor

Matthew V. Veazey
Contributing Editor

Joanne Riggs
Web Layout Editor

Jessica Glace
ePortal Administrator

CorrDefense Administration

Daniel J. Dunmire
Director, DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office

Richard A. Hays
Communications and Outreach Working Integrated Product Team Leader,
DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Integrated Product Team

Bob Herbert
President, NACE International

Tony Keane
Executive Director, NACE International

Cliff Johnson
Director of Public Affairs, NACE International

Gretchen Jacobson
Director of Publications, NACE International

Chris Grethlein
Deputy Director, AMMTIAC

Earl R. Wingrove III
Senior Project Manager, LMI


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