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Whole Building Design Guide Unveils a Compendium on Corrosion Mitigation

WBDG.org Hosts Definitive CPC Source Material on Codes, Criteria, Best Practices, and Training

Since May 2014, the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) found at WBDG.org, has unveiled a massive compendium of resources on corrosion mitigation. WBDG.org, sponsored by the National Institute of Building Sciences, is a far-reaching, Web-based reference portal that provides government and industry experts with easy access to building-related guidance, criteria, and technology.

Now, for the first time, building planners, designers, constructors, and maintainers can locate corrosion-related knowledge, codes, guidelines, criteria, best practices, and training material under the WBDG’s Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC) Source page compiled by Joseph Clay Dean, an engineering expert formerly with NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command). Dean worked with analysts Paul Chang and Nick Silver to develop the source materials on behalf of the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office Director Daniel J. Dunmire.

"We hope the consolidation of information into the Corrosion Source page will serve as a useful knowledge source related to design criteria, system design, material selection, production processes, and corrosion prevention strategies, so that building experts at all levels are equipped to make good design decisions that promote long building life and sustainability," said Dunmire.

The Corrosion Prevention & Control Source page includes an introduction featuring a definition and clarification of how building practitioners should define “corrosion”, along with a discussion of corrosion’s physical and monetary impact on DoD. The Source page introduces DoD’s policy and guidance related to the management of facilities and infrastructure, while also defining the importance of identifying the proper corrosion prevention and control requirements in all phases of the construction and maintenance of military facilities and infrastructure. Also included is a section to assist the SRM (Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization) Engineer with problem solving and sustainability related to corrosion. The section also reviews issues and criteria that experts should consider during the construction and commissioning phases of a project, as well as issues to consider during sustainment planning.

Within the CPC Source - Criteria section of the Corrosion Source page, Dean notes that "corrosion prevention and control is not comprehensively addressed in one specific area of criteria, nor is there a one-stop shop for corrosion-related criteria." Overall, determining the proper CPC guidance can be a complicated process for those who design and construct DoD facilities and infrastructure. In this section, Dean distinguishes among three main criteria categories that are relevant to the corrosion prevention and control of facilities: the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFCs), Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGSs), and Performance Technical Specifications.

The Corrosion Source page links readers to the results of the congressionally mandated Facilities and Infrastructure Corrosion Evaluation Study, released by the DoD Corrosion Office in 2013. Dean explores Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the study so that facilities and infrastructure experts can benefit from the CPC practices of 30 installations involved in the study.

Readers of the Corrosion Source page will also find information about technology research projects funded by the DoD Corrosion Office for the improvement of facilities and infrastructure. These projects include advanced coatings and processes and new approaches to cathodic protection, among many others. A section dedicated to relevant codes, standards, and guidelines is also included in the Corrosion Source material. A page dedicated to CPC Source – Training reviews a variety of training and educational material available to facilities and infrastructure personnel.

The National Institute of Building Science makes the WBDG Web site available to the building community with the support of DoD, the NAVFAC Engineering Innovation and Criteria Office, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Air Force, the General Services Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, NASA, the Department of Energy, and the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council.




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