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Featured Projects

Volume 5, No. 3
Fall 2009

  • Fighting Roofing Deterioration and Saving Energy
    Army researchers have begun a pilot project at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to test whether two new roofing technologies can minimize corrosion and save energy. In this article, Matthew Veazey reviews potential solutions to a roofing problem that is being tackled by the Army’s Engineer Research and Development Center, with support from the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office. (Read More...)

  • Recycled Plastic Bridge Stands up to M-1 Traffic – Twice….
    Several DoD partners recently unveiled a pioneering form of bridge construction made from thermoplastic composite materials. On two occasions, the bridge design has withstood an amazing demonstration of its durability. Dana Finney reports on the novelty of the bridge design and construction. (Read More...)

  • Renewing A Beachfront Barricade
    Army engineers are launching a new demonstration to repair a stone sea wall that protects a Hawaiian resort popular among military personnel and their families. In this article Matthew Veazey discusses innovative measures being taken by the Army’s Engineering Research and Development Center to preserve the sea wall. (Read More...)

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