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Top Stories

Volume 7, No. 3
Fall 2011

  • U.S. Coast Guard Wages War on Corrosion
    The Coast Guard has tackled an insidious problem affecting its fleet of high tempo, high maintenance cutters. In this feature and related sidebar, Kathy Riggs Larsen reviews the Coast Guard’s success with a far-reaching strategy that introduces a new system of training related to coating application and inspection across the organization. The goal of this endeavor is to reduce hull failures and ensure full deployment of this segment of the fleet. (Read More...)

  • Air Force Prepares to Certify Fuel Infrastructure for Alternative Blend
    The U.S. Air Force consumes 50 percent of all fuel used by the Department of Defense. To advance a more environmentally sound energy strategy and satisfy its quest for greener fuels, the Air Force is evaluating the effects of bio-based jet fuel on its aircraft and fuels infrastructure. Cynthia Greenwood reports on a 2011 effort by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency to certify the infrastructure’s preparedness for the use of biofuels. (Read More...)

  • A Study of How Corrosion Affects Electromagnetic Devices (and How They Impact Corrosion)
    Questions surrounding the effects of corrosion on the topside of a navy ship have not been widely discussed outside of academic contexts. Not only does corrosion affect the electromagnetic performance of a ship’s superstructure, the ship’s electromagnetic emissions also affect corrosion. In this paper, Chris Grethlein offers a detailed discussion of such questions, as well as how alterations in the electrical nature of a superstructure can impede the performance of radar and communication systems. (Read More...)

  • DoD Corrosion Office Deepens its Partnership with Universities
    Four years since the DoD Corrosion Office pursued a formal collaboration with six universities noted for advanced research in corrosion science, the office is raising expectations for a unique military-university partnership. In the first of a two-part series on the Technical Corrosion Collaboration, Cynthia Greenwood reviews how the office has attracted new universities to the effort while advancing its goals and roadmap for the next 20 years. (Read More...)

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