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CorrSim Computer Game Takes Top Honors in 2012

From Your Desktop or Mobile Device, Play CorrSim Online or Via Facebook!

A DoD-sponsored computer simulation game that allows users to learn the basics of corrosion engineering continues to attract attention among technical and industry experts.

Since the game's debut in August 2011, CorrSimulator, or CorrSim has garnered top honors from the National Training Systems Association (NTSA) and NACE International, The Corrosion Society, both of whom recognize the value of computer simulation games produced by the U.S. government. In October 2012, NTSA selected CorrSim as a finalist in the "Government" and "Adaptive Force" categories in its Serious Games Showcase & Challenge competition.

CorrSim is a single-player, turn-based simulation game designed to teach students the environmental factors that cause corrosion on man-made structures, how to protect the structures, and the consequences of corrosion on the economy. Designed for all ages and professional levels, CorrSim players are challenged to build an industrial complex and protect it from corrosion using a menu of combating technologies. During the game, players can optimize their earnings and use their money to build more structures.

GSG Systems and Bruno White Entertainment produced CorrSim for the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office and a vast network of corrosion science experts in the military and industry.

The CorrSim app is designed for Facebook and the iPad, as well as other mobile devices.

"The challenge for the CorrSim player is to be as proactive as possible, since some random events can either move the player ahead, or erase all of his or her efforts," said Daniel J. Dunmire, director of the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office.

On March 12, 2012, NACE International granted the CorrSim app the "MP Readers' Choice Innovation of the Year Award" in the "Corrosion Protection" category.

Producers of CorrSim will have an opportunity to showcase its features during the final NTSA competition from December 3-6, 2012, at the Inter-service/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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