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Featured Projects

Volume 8, No. 3
Fall 2012

  • New Army Roof Fights Corrosion and Generates Power
    At the Army Corps of Engineer's construction engineering research lab, officials have piloted a program that prevents corrosion and reduces energy consumption at Kilauea Military Camp in Hawaii. While refurbishing a vehicle storage building with a highly corroded corrugated metal roof, engineers used a new metal roof that features a high-performance coating and photovoltaic cells based on thin-film solar technology. Chris Grethlein reports. (Read More...)

  • NASA Launches Study of Corrosion Exposure Testing
    In June 2010, Corrosion Technology Laboratory researchers at NASA began correlating the results of exposure tests to learn whether accelerated corrosion testing techniques could be reliably correlated to NASA's long-term atmospheric exposure. Kathy Riggs Larson explores how the study enhanced NASA scientists' understanding of the feasibility of using accelerated techniques in its coatings qualification process. (Read More...)

  • New Ship Inspection Tool Keeps Hard-To-Reach Places Safe from Corrosion
    When ships are brought into dry-dock for overhaul after several years of service, their tanks must be emptied, cleaned, decontaminated, and re-coated. Researchers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, have developed an enhanced ultraviolet inspection tool that can detect traces of hydrocarbon contaminants that are below what can be visibly discerned on steel surfaces. Chris Grethlein discusses how the tool addresses a persistent corrosion-related challenge. (Read More...)

  • Road Conditions Inspire Eighth Grader to Investigate Concrete Corrosion
    In this CorrDefense featured interview, an award-winning student from Seven Hills, Ohio, describes the provenance and evolution of her science fair study of water's effect on the corrosion of concrete. Lisa Criscione conducted the study in collaboration with professors and students in The University of Akron's Corrosion Engineering program. (Read More...)

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