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Top Stories

Volume 8, No. 3
Fall 2012

  • Survey Furthers Development of Software Prediction Technology
    While airframe designers employ useful stress analysis software tools, materials and process engineers lack similar means of analyzing environmental stresses on the material characteristics of an aircraft. Under an Office of Naval Research project exploring the feasibility and efficacy of galvanic corrosion prediction, Corrdesa conducted a survey in order to help NAVAIR and aircraft manufacturers develop a corrosion software prediction technology and engage with potential users. (Read More...)

  • DoD Releases Guide on Alternatives to Hex Chrome
    To help managers who oversee the design and procurement of military weapons systems, the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office released a new guide that helps users choose alternatives to hex chrome. Available for download in this article, the guide summarizes policy, programmatic, technical, safety, and regulatory issues pertaining to the restricted use of hex chrome. (Read More...)

  • Department of Defense Major Corrosion Events: The Way Ahead
    In keeping with initiatives that would enhance efficiency in federal spending, the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office has modified the way in which it executes its upcoming DoD corrosion conferences. The DoD Corrosion Office is now accepting technical papers from experts across the community for its 2013 Web-enabled conference. Access the meeting's Call for Papers here, as well as the plan for major corrosion events between 2013 and 2017. (Read More...)

  • "Corrosion: The Silent Menace"—2013 Youth Exhibit Unlocks the Mysteries of Degradation
    The DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office will spotlight the natural phenomena that lead to material degradation in a novel exhibit aimed at the next generation of infrastructure preservationists. Featuring computerized simulation games designed for middle and high school students, "Corrosion: The Silent Menace" opens in March 2013 at the Orlando Science Center. (Read More...)

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