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DoD Corrosion Office Opens Call for Papers for 2013 Web-Enabled Conference

By Cynthia Greenwood


The DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office is now accepting technical papers from experts across the community for its 2013 Web-enabled conference, which is slated to go live from 1 to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, respectively, on September 16th and 17th, 2013.

"The 2013 conference will be conducted entirely online so we can provide access to as many attendees as possible worldwide, and to reduce the costs of travel for all participating Service and industry experts," said Daniel J. Dunmire, director of the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office. "NACE International will facilitate the Web-enabled format of the online teleconference. By inaugurating this format in 2013, we expect to attract military program managers of weapons systems and facilities, as well as a wide range of corrosion experts across the DoD acquisition community."

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Department of Defense Major Corrosion Events:
The Way Ahead

Presidential initiatives have been underway in 2012 to enhance efficiency in spending within the federal government. In keeping with this focus on cost-consciousness, Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, issued a memo on June 7, which directs agencies under his purview to review their involvement in conferences that cost more than $100,000.

Although the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office remains alert to ongoing changes in the procedures required to follow the guidance contained within Mr. Kendall's memo and other federal directives, the Corrosion Office recognizes that, under the law, the mission of the DoD corrosion community of experts must continue and remain a critical DoD focal point.

In keeping with initiatives that would enhance efficiency in federal spending, the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office has modified the way in which it executes its upcoming DoD corrosion conferences. The key purpose of these corrosion forums as conduits for collaboration and information sharing among federal entities, industry, and academia remains of paramount importance. The way ahead for the major corrosion events between 2013 through 2017 will proceed as follows:

In lieu of the planned 2013 five-day forum scheduled to occur at the Sheraton Waikiki hotel in Honolulu, the DoD Corrosion Conference 2013 will take place for the first time via a Web-enabled conference. For this event, the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office will proceed with its planned call for technical papers from experts across the corrosion community. Submissions will be evaluated by the technical organizing committee, led by the Department of the Air Force, and presented during the Web-enabled event. Logistical details related to logging in to the conference will be forthcoming.

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NACE International is sponsoring a DoD Corrosion Day in conjunction with its 2013 Western Area Conference. This session, which will take place at the Modern Honolulu Hotel, will focus specifically on corrosion prevention and mitigation information and training. The session will be open to uniformed military personnel, government employees, and contractors working in the materials degradation field. Personnel operating at other Pacific Rim facilities and locations and are also encouraged to attend.

Coordination is underway for the first-ever DoD Corrosion Praxis. This non-technical event will explore the intersection between corrosion education and practice, and will serve as a medium for the exchange of best practices in combating material degradation of equipment and infrastructure. Emphasis will be placed on a variety of topics to include policy, procedures, training, and implementation. However, for this event, there will be no call for technical papers. The DoD Corrosion Praxis is tentatively scheduled for August 19-23, 2014, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Following 2014, the schedule for the DoD Corrosion Conference is currently planned as follows:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / August 2015
  • Cleveland, Ohio / 2017 (dates to be discussed)

As the Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office continues to operate under an uncertain future of resources and funding, the focus of our mission for corrosion mitigation and prevention, in support of the joint efforts of each military department, will endure as a high priority. Flexibility and adaptability in the near-term will allow us to maintain the forward momentum in the ongoing war against material degradation, and secure an advantage in the long-term.


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