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Top Stories

DoD Assesses Corrosion Potential on F-35 and F-22
GAO Audits Resulting Corrosion Study for Congress

The DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office, under Director Daniel J. Dunmire, submitted a full corrosion-related assessment of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) to Congress. As part of its study, the DoD Corrosion Office also analyzed a host of corrosion-related findings on the F-22A Raptor aircraft and the implications of those findings for the F-35 (also known as the F-35 Lightning II). Congress directed the Defense Department to perform the study as part of the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act.

On December 16, 2010, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a performance audit of the DoD’s F-35 corrosion study to the chairman and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services committees and the House and Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittees. (Click here for the full GAO reportDefense Management: DoD Needs to Monitor and Assess Corrective Actions Resulting from Its Corrosion Study of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.) Read More ...

NAVAIR CPT Improves Data Capture, Inspection Protocols
Wing Personnel and Commanders Alike Hold Stake in the Battle

Since the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) formed its 80-member Corrosion Prevention Team in 2007, it has waged a system-wide attack on corrosion. The team has acted on new strategies for battling corrosion to ensure aircrew safety, readiness for training and deployment, better aircraft life management, and reduced ownership costs. (See Naval Aviation Enterprise Poised to Tackle Corrosion.)

For years NAVAIR has understood that corrosion does more than just drive up costs. “It degrades the readiness and availability of aircraft needed for vital missions,” said Randy Boatwright, Action Officer for NAE’s Corrosion Prevention Team.

These efforts have resulted in improved software documentation of corrosion problem areas on each aircraft; procedures to empower wing personnel to collect data and tackle these problems during routine three-month inspections; and enlisting the support of top naval commanders who have made corrosion abatement a priority. The team driving these efforts consists of representatives from the Commander of Naval Air Forces (CNAF), NAVAIR, the fleet readiness centers, fleet service teams at the depots, and the wing personnel within the squadrons that operate and maintain the fleet. (See CorrDefense Featured Interview with Captain David Randle.)

“Fortunately, everyone understands the impact and the current emphasis on corrosion,” said Boatwright. “Leadership has a huge effect on our progress, and we have the backing of leadership. Currently we are implementing key goals system-wide, and as we do so, we are transitioning the ownership of new corrosion prevention processes to the proper functional authorities.” Read More ...

CorrDefense Featured Interview: Captain David Randle

Captain David Randle, who is based in Patuxent River, Maryland, is NAVAIR’s military director for Maintenance Planning and Logistics Sustainment. Cynthia Greenwood, CorrDefense editor at large, spoke with Capt. Randle about the latest efforts of the Naval Aviation Enterprise Corrosion Prevention Team. In the interview, Capt. Randle addressed the progress the Navy is making in its long-term goal of improving aircraft availability and readiness. He discussed the Corrosion Prevention Team’s efforts to improve data accuracy and implement the results of several Human Performance Center studies. (See NAVAIR Defeats Corrosion Through Smarter Data Capturing and Inspection)

CorrDefense: Over the past two years, the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) Corrosion Prevention Team has been working to improve the accuracy of its data and the circular feedback of that data. In your 2009 interview with CorrDefense, you mentioned that in order for NAE to tackle the problem of corrosion effectively, the team must start with the data. I understand that your new automated data capture system has been successful at Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore and that you’re kicking it off at Oceana NAS on January 14. What are your plans for rolling out the data system fleet-wide?

Randle: We have received approval for full funding to implement the automated data capture system at each of the remaining Fleet wings beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2012. This year we plan to implement the second phase of our pilot at NAS Oceana, as you mentioned above. We also are planning to implement the system at the H-60 West Coast wing [known as the Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Pacific] this year as well. Once we receive FY12 funding, we will roll the system out to the remaining platforms.
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GAO Report on Redundancy Recognizes Efforts of Corrosion Office
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DoD Conference Stresses Corrosion Education’s Role in Policymaking
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What's New on the CorrDefense Web Site? What's New on the CorrDefense Web Site?
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Table of Contents

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Volume 7, Number 1
Spring 2011

Top Stories

• DoD Assesses Corrosion Potential on F-35 and F-22
Read More . . .

• NAVAIR CPT Improves Data Capture and Inspection Protocols
Read More . . .

CorrDefense Featured Interview: Captain David Randle
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• GAO Report on Redundancy Recognizes Efforts of Corrosion Office
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Featured Projects

• Keeping the Navy’s Green Fleet from Rusting
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• Electro-Osmotic Pulse to Reverse Concrete Corrosion at Kentucky Army Air Field
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• New Edition of the DoD Corrosion Handbook Coming Soon
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• Corrosion Handbook Helps Program Managers Oversee Materials Selection
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Inside DoD

• DoD Conference Stresses Corrosion Education’s Role in Policymaking
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• Meet the Experts in DoD’s Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office
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• NAVAIR’s Head Materials Engineer Named as Navy Corrosion Executive
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• DoD Corrosion Community Releases Four Videos
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