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Featured Projects

Volume 8, No. 1
Spring 2012

  • DoD Design Standard Protects Fuel Storage Tanks from Corrosion
    To better serve the warfighter and protect the environment, the fuels engineering panel that oversees construction criteria for aboveground storage tanks has updated a vital design standard for this equipment. This article addresses how the U.S. military benefits from having a standard tank design suited for its needs. (Read More...)

  • Researchers Discuss How Their Goals are Aligned with the TCC
    In this exclusive Q and A, corrosion researchers from nine universities compare their institutions’ goals to those of the Technical Corrosion Collaboration (TCC) sponsored by the Corrosion Office. This interview continues a similar discussion between Cynthia Greenwood and TCC scientists, which is the featured article on our home page, Universities in TCC Explore the Merits of Collaboration. (Read More...)

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