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Top Stories

Volume 8, No. 1
Spring 2012

  • Universities Explore the Merits of Collaborating With DoD
    This is the second installment of a two-part series exploring the mission and current goals of a four-year-old trial partnership known as the Technical Corrosion Collaboration (TCC). In this lively Q and A, Cynthia Greenwood interviews nine university researchers about their success in collaborating with DoD labs, partner universities, and the aspiring researchers under their tutelage. (Read More...)

  • Mobile Apps Arrive for Courses and CorrSim Game
    If you use an iPad or iPhone, or if you prefer to network on Facebook, the DoD Corrosion Office has just the app for you. GSG Systems has developed apps for two new corrosion-related courses that feature acclaimed actor LeVar Burton, titled Corrosion Comprehension: Polymers and Corrosion Comprehension: Ceramics. The developer also has released CorrSim, an intricate training game for DoD acquisition personnel and the general public. (Read More...)

  • A New Way to Fight Corrosion—Partner with the DoD!
    Private companies can improve their bottom line by taking advantage of government laboratories’ and product centers’ experience with corrosion issues. The Army’s Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) is seeking new partners from among industry, academia, and non-military government agencies to further its work in researching and producing armaments for soldiers. In this feature, Chris Grethlein explores ARDEC’s history of engaging with non-military partners, as well as what its labs, test facilities, and technology centers can offer new partners.
    (Read More...)

  • Corrosion Office Studies Impact of Material Degradation on Facilities
    To comply with a mandate from four congressional defense committees, the DoD Corrosion Office is assembling a team of experts and a roadmap for evaluating how material degradation affects American military installations and their supporting infrastructure. Cynthia Greenwood reviews how the team will investigate corrosion’s impact on facilities and infrastructure during 2012, the general aim of the study, and how the Corrosion Office will report its findings for Congress. (Read More...)

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