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Policy on the Use of Trade and Company Names

PURPOSE: A policy on the use of trade and company names achieves the following:
It ensures that any company, product, process, or service portrayed within an article or issue of CorrDefense is not represented in a manner that could be construed as an endorsement or approval by a government or commercial entity.
It maintains the integrity of CorrDefense and the Corrosion Prevention and Control Integrated Product Team (CPCIPT) by ensuring that they remain unbiased and impartial, consistent with ethical corporate practices, and in good standing with Department of Defense and federal policies.
DEFINITION: A trade name is defined as "the name given by a manufacturer or merchant to a product, process, or service to distinguish it as made or sold by the concern and that which may be used and protected as a trademark. Trade name also refers to any name under which the concern does business."
I. The Use of Trade Names and Company Names
The use of trade names and company names in CorrDefense articles is left to the discretion of the CorrDefense editorial staff. In exercising this discretion, the editorial staff will consider the following guidelines.
When possible, a trade name should be used only once in an article and should be replaced with a generic descriptor after the first usage.
Trade names should be avoided in headlines, captions, and pull quotes. In rare instances when tables and figures are used, trade names and company names should be avoided.
Company names may be used in photo credits.
When possible, the editorial staff will make an effort to use generic names in place of trade names.
Trade and company names are permitted in quotations from sources, as long as they are not used excessively throughout the article.
When trade names must be used to avoid altering an article's content, the CorrDefense reserves the right to run a disclaimer with the article.
II. Use of Bylines
All articles written by staff and contributing writers will include a byline underneath the headline. Bylines should not include the writer's employer or any other writer affiliation such as a trade association, government agency, company name, or member society.
The name of the writer's employer or affiliation must not appear in the text of the article.

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