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Policy on Material Reprinted from CorrDefense

I. The policy of the CorrDefense editorial staff and the DoD Corrosion Prevention Integrated Product Team (CPCIPT) holds that anyone seeking to reprint an article from the CorrDefense e-magazine may not use it as a tool for commercial endorsement.
We ask that anyone working for a publication or a government/commercial entity adhere to the following restrictions before reprinting any CorrDefense article, or before distributing an article electronically (or in a printed version) to employees or customers:
1. Reprinted articles must appear as originally published in CorrDefense—unedited, with all content intact.
2.  Articles must credit CorrDefense as the source.
3. Articles may not be sold.
For more information about our policy, or to request a Web link or portable document file (pdf) of an article published in our e-magazine, please contact us. Or feel free to contact us if you have further questions or seek permission to reprint material published here. (see Contact Us page).
II. Outside Articles Reprinted by CorrDefense staff
On occasion, the CorrDefense staff will reprint articles from outside publications with bylined and textual content that violates the CorrDefense policy on trade names and writer affiliations. The editorial staff will make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.
Whenever possible, articles from other publications that are reprinted here will be adjusted to follow the CorrDefense policy.
In general, company names and writer affiliations within bylines will not be included in CorrDefense. In exceptional cases, such information will be provided in the form of an online link to the writer's name.

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